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Hi there!! Empty Hi there!!

Post by joyfulldreams on Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:29 pm

Here's our first introduction post, heh. I'm Joyfulldreams and I'm the official Art Director and also sort of unofficial but also sort of official head of the project as of right now. I'm 21 years old, use she/her pronouns, and my timezone is PST. Razz

I have a BFA in Film and Animation and I'm gonna be honest balancing all of the project stuff with my various IRL responsibilities is a LITTLE tough but I do it gladly cause the project is awesome. I do art, animation, scriptwriting, and sometimes dialogue stuff. Music and coding is almost utterly beyond me, unfortunately. >>;;; So I'll be relying on you guys!

If you guys what to check out my art stuff. You can check out my sparse Art Blog, or the art tag on my personal tumblr.

Here's hoping there's smooth sailing ahead for Act Omega!

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