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Post by joyfulldreams on Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:23 pm

Act Omega is doing its hardest with this forum move to make sure that Act Omega is an open, friendly, and stress-free environment. Most of these rules should hopefully be common sense, but they require stating anyway.

1. Absolutely no NSFW content on the forums.
No, not even in shenanigans. The forum is open to people of all ages and as such absolutely no NSFW or potentially triggering content is permitted. The only place for that sort of thing is in the #nsfw channel on the Discord server. And that's it! A little swearing is okay so long as none of it is in an aggressive or overly alarming fashion, but even then. Let's try and keep things professional and friendly.

2. Be polite and considerate.
Please be civil to everyone! There will be no badmouthing or bashing of members, of ships, of characters, or of people's work, OR ideas. None at all! We respect the opinions and work of everyone. Critique is of course always welcome but if you aren't able to do it in a considerate manner you will be asked to abstain altogether.

3. Keep things on-topic.
Art discussion should stay in the art forum, music discussion in the music forum, etc. The same goes for the Discord server and the various channels. Non-Act Omega topics should stay in the general discussion, and anything that could even resemble spam is only acceptable in the Shenanigans forum. And even then--please be reasonable about it.

4. Be constructive.
Disruptive behavior has been an issue for Act Omega since it's inception and on this we will make sure to crack down as hard as possible. There is no point in being overly argumentative, no matter how passionate you are about something. This is especially true for the Discord server. If you are a person who seems prone to disruptive, argumentative behavior that makes people uncomfortable you will more likely than not be kicked from the Discord server to prevent further conflict.

5. Be receptive.
Please try and be receptive to critique. While this should also be a fun space, it's still a work space, and while everyone will be made sure they are held accountable for how they bring up their criticism, we should all hopefully be on the same page about making sure that what we put out is as good as it can possibly be, within reason. Almost nothing is at it's best as a first draft!
(This also counts for critique of actions, by the by. If someone has a problem with how you dealt with an issue, phrased a post, what have you, be receptive to their concerns.)

6. The Discord is no longer home base. Anything that happens there is peripheral to the goings-on of the forums.
There will absolutely be discussions of minutia and such on the Discord server, but if it's not posted about on the forums, you shouldn't expect anyone to know about it. Please make absolute sure to give updates on progress or discussions on the forums.

7. Be mindful of spoilers!
Act Omega doesn't need to keep everything some huge super secret. But please make sure that, if a topic has spoilery content, that we make sure we have [Spoilers] in the title of the topic. Spoilery conversations should hopefully all stay within the Staff Discussion forums, or the Help forum, which aren't visible to non-members of the forum. And please don't go spreading around files, spoilers, or anything of the like. I guess that sort of thing would be called a leak. Let's try and keep Act Omega a cool, unspoiled surprise for the people that want to read it!

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