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Post by ominousscientist on Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:17 am

Yo I'm Kris, fellow artist and all that. I go by any pronouns (he/they/she) and I've been into homestuck since 2012 and started my own fanventure in 2013. I can do MSPA style pretty well, including gifs, spritework, hero mode, and all that.

My tumblr's ominoussharkscientist and this is my art tag (though I suggest checking my fanventure for the actual mspa style)

Here's some examples of my recent work(kinda spoilery since they're from my fanventure):
ominouscientist intro yoo 516_zpsucssckbb

ominouscientist intro yoo 484_zpsswktcywd

I can't wait to work with yall!

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