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Introduction of Frescopino  Empty Introduction of Frescopino

Post by Frescopino on Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:01 am

We had introductions for artists and friendleaders, why not having an introduction for a... me. To use the words that got me into this project: "I'm Caliborn level of art, John level of canon awareness and Meenah <3 (Vriska) shippers' level of characters awareness". Now, at least one of those has (rightfully) changed, so I became something more of a practical help for this project, and I even got to be useful as moral support in the recent crisis.

I consider myself some sort of captain for this project, not because of my actual leadership skills, but because whatever happens, you can rest assured I will be the last man to leave this ship.

This said, I won't waste more of anyone's time. Thanks to anyone that, like me, stuck with the project, and that, like Joy and the Condesce on discord, actually worked towards its completion and revival.

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