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Post by Captain Question on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:55 am

(Not entirely sure what I should put here, but here we go)

Firstly, hello, I'm Captain Question. I'm a student from the magical and faraway kingdom of Belgium, meaning I won't always be around during exams and my time zone is probably a little off from yours. I joined this team because I thought the project could help me improve my art a bit (I tend not to draw anything at all recently for various reasons, so this might keep me busy), while at the same time making myself useful to someone.

In terms of skills, I'm first and foremost a "pixel guy", as I've repeatedly described myself on Discord. I've done various different styles, and I think especially my talksprites are actually pretty decent. Hero mode I've not tried much, but it doesn't look impossibly hard to emulate. I use Paint Tool SAI and GraphicsGale for my pixel art, and I'm probably always going to be willing to give people tips on it if asked.
CQ's introduction VP6Odyl
An example of my talksprites: Davepetasprite^2

Aside from pixel art, I honestly don't actually have all that much experience doing art in higher resolution, but I'm not entirely incapable of it, and obviously I'm hoping I'll pick up a thing or two while working on stuff for Act Omega. You can see some of my other miscellaneous art crap on DeviantArt (still CaptainQuestion).
CQ's introduction OAAGyWe
A redraw of a scene from Collide I did to try out some stuff in SAI

Finally, I've been reading a lot of Homestuck theories and Class/Aspect stuff, and I'm okay at analyzing characters, so if need be I can provide some feedback on writing, though I more than likely won't be doing it myself.
Captain Question
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Post by joyfulldreams on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:35 pm

Hey there!!! Oh man that second drawing looks really great. I can't believe you think you suck. I think you're awesome. Hella artist, hella pixel guy. So glad you're done with all of your exam stuff. <3 Let's have some fun!

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