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Suggestions and Critique Forum Guide Empty Suggestions and Critique Forum Guide

Post by joyfulldreams on Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:12 pm

What's this forum for?

This forum is for everyone and anyone, even people not strictly involved with Act Omega, to let us know what they think about what we're doing, or to ask us questions. People can of course also ask general questions on the Tumblr but I guess this is for people that want to go even more directly to the source. Members can of course post things in here too.

What should we post in this forum?

General questions about Act Omega! Where things are going, when things will be posted, whatever you like. Just, you know. Maybe you won't always get the clearest answers. Additionally you can post thoughts, feelings, or concerns related to the project that we will of course take every measure to take seriously.

What should we not post in this forum?

Spam, inflammatory comments, or entirely non-constructive critique. (Basically anything that breaks the forum rules.) Discussion between members about project-specific things should either go to Help or to their respective Staff Discussion forum--or to the Discord.

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