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heartfeltFrustation says: "Hi!" Empty heartfeltFrustation says: "Hi!"

Post by heartfeltFrustration on Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:05 am

So, I'm new, hiya. Been a fan of homestuck for months. But I've felt empty since it finished. So I decided to do something with myself, I'd rather than let the existential dread hit me like the car I call on regularly. Anyway, it's good to have some fun art stuff to work on outside of my art courses. So why not get into fanart and the like, right?

Uh, here's me then I guess. I'm a nerd, big fan of art and music, mostly bad music though. I'm a fan of long walk on the beach, holding hands and true love. But seriously, I spend majority of my time online, with youtube, gaming and netflix. In fact, the career path I wanna go down is in the game industry, yeah, a nerd.

But I'm not sure what else to say... uh... I really enjoy act omega. It looks like something I'd enjoy helping with or even just reading. Good work.

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