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Post by joyfulldreams on Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:38 pm

There's a bunch of important links that everyone will be needing common access to! Refer to here for (almost) all of them.

1. The Google Drive
This is where we all will put our assets, resources, and content for everyone to be able to access and see. Click the link to gain access to it, and make sure that you're putting the things you work on in here!
Please keep in mind that this link will only give you viewing privileges to the folder. You're going to need to directly request editing privileges from an Admin either by PMing them on the forums, messaging them on the Discord, or emailing them.

Edit: In order to be more secure, at least for now, you will have to request access to anything in the Google Drive directly.

2. The Discord Server
This is where the old home base was. Now we use it as a side-hub for general discussion, meetings, etc. If you don't have anything better to do feel free to hang out there and chat with whoever is online. Just make sure to keep things civil and on-topic as possible, and keep in mind that the forums are where the actual action needs to happen. Use the link above to gain access, either on the web app or the desktop app. (For consistency's sake we ask that you try and make sure your username there is the same, or similar, as your username on the forums.)

Edit: As of 6/22/2016 the old Discord server has been deleted after being maliciously hacked. A new server may be put up sometime in the near future, but direct access will no doubt need to be requested in order to be allowed on for the sake of security.

3. The Tumblr
Our official tumblr. Hopefully you guys all know about this already.

(Please note, you will only be able to actually access these links if you make an account on this forum!) (Edit: The links have been removed temporarily for the sake of security.)

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